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“JK Sir” Chan Lap Jin Kevin is an executive director of a Hong Kong-listed company, a tutor in a training centre and a director of a business college. With extensive experiences in teaching and investment, Kevin will help the readers of Master View to navigate the Hong Kong and global futures markets by sharing his real-life experience in futures investments and strategies.
Dr. Chan Yan Chong, the renowned finance commentator, shares his comments and views on U.S. and Japan stock markets. Leading your way to explore the world of these two major markets!
The former “Warrant Queen”, Miss Anita Li shares her investment ideas in “Master Views” Column after she emigrated from Hong Kong. She also covers commentaries about foreign markets outside Hong Kong. With years of experiences of financial market and investment banking, Anita guides us to explore the global markets opportunities and to expand our investment horizon.
MONEX Financial Reviews featured with the high quality analysis compiled by our mother company the Monex Group, Inc. Attributed to the Group's international network, MONEX Financial Reviews brings you the most updated investment trends and overseas company analysis around the world.
Mr. BOOM shares his investment ideas, inspired from observation of our daily lives and the latest social trends. This column also covers trending topics, impactful financial and social news.

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