Global Stocks Watchlist
Global Stocks Watchlist

By monitoring performances of stocks from 17 markets, Global Stocks Watchlist is a perfect tool to help you keeping a close eye on global investments.


  • Create multiple "portfolios": You can flexibly set up as many as 10 Watchlists, each with 30 symbols.
  • Monitor multi-market stocks in one watchlist: By adding stocks across 17 markets to a watchlist, you can track performance of multiple markets' stocks at a glance.
  • Side-by-side price comparison: You can view the relative price gaps of the same stock listed in different markets (ADR, H-share, A-share or B-share), and easily seize the investment opportunities globally.
  • Create your own custom view: Each customized view can add up to 10 data values to present various investment perspectives.
  • Track the stocks you are interested in: You can enter hypothetical buy price and quantity to simulate the return of the stocks you have in mind.
  • Easy to manage and customize: You can freely delete, move or copy every single stock on your watchlist.

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