How to use and FAQs

If your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Hotline at (852) 2255 8888 or email us.

Account Management

    ID and Password
  1. You are required to input the Login ID and Login Password to view your account information online.
  2. Your Login ID will start with "BE" or "BU" while your Account Number will either start with "CA" for individual account or "CP" for corporate account. For security reason, our customer service representatives usually communicate with our clients by using the Account Number but not their Login ID. Besides, we also show the CA/CP number in the client statement but not the BE/BU number.
  3. The Member ID, Login Password are case-sensitive.
  4. You should contact our customer service hotline at (852) 2255 8888 immediately if you forgot your Login Password, and we will re-issue the Password for you after verification of your identity.

    You are highly recommended to change your Login Password right after receiving a new one from us and on a regular basis.
  5. To change Login Password, you need to login to your MONEX BOOM account, then go to "Change Login Password" under the "Account Settings" section.

    Please be reminded not to tell anyone your Login Password to protect your interest.
    Change Account Information
  1. To change your contact or account information, you need to login to your MONEX BOOM account, then go to "Change of Personal Information" under the "Account Settings" section. Or you have to provide a written instruction or the completed "Change of Account Information" form by fax to (852) 2255 8300 or by mail. Should you have any inquiry, please contact us.
    Interest for Account
  1. HKD, AUD or USD positive balance in your MONEX BOOM trading account are entitled for interest when the balance is maintained at the amount as specified by MONEX BOOM.
    Managing Funds and Securities
  1. MONEX BOOM client funds are held in a "trust" account at MONEX BOOM's designated banks. A trust account prohibits a broker from transferring or accessing client funds for any purpose other than dealing on behalf of its clients. Under Section 149(1) of the Securities and Futures Ordinance, MONEX BOOM must keep proper records in relation to all amounts paid into a trust account and all withdrawals from the trust account to prove that no misappropriation has taken place. Under any circumstances, your money cannot be claimed or accessed by anyone except clients themselves.

    In addition, our clients will be entitled to the Investor Compensation Fund in case of default. The current limit is HK$500,000 per person.
  2. For Hong Kong stocks your shares will be kept in our clearing and safekeeping account (account number: B02132 under the name of Boom.com Limited) with CCASS. For stocks of other markets, your shares will be kept in our agent's clearing and safekeeping account with local central depositary. To facilitate corporate action entitlements, shares will be registered in our nominees' names.

Last Update: October 2021.